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Oct 29, 2014
By Kaitlin

Click the “Show” button below to read what will happen on this weeks WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

Spoilers Inside Show

Oct 27, 2014
By Kaitlin

Seth Rollins comes to the ring with what is left of his ‘personal security’ Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble.

Stephanie wants everyone to give it up for Seth Rollins and they boo him.

Seth appreciates the ‘you sold out’ chants. He says that you guys are the best and he cannot thank you enough. He wants to say finally finally finally the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose is finally out of his hair once and for all. Ambrose is no longer a thorn in his side. He proved once and for all that intellect conquers every time over unbridled mayhem perpetuated by a madman who should be institutionalized.

Now that he is done with Ambrose, he sees the man who soundly defeated Randy Orton on his horizon.

Seth tells the people who chant Ambrose’s name that he is moving on. He is moving on to John Cena.

Seth says later tonight he will be able to see John Cena, just like all of you will see John Cena when he leaves John like he left Dean Ambrose last night at Hell in a Cell, lying in a puddle of his own failure.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring and he apologizes for breaking up this love fest. Randy is not happy with what they are saying about Seth Rollins. Why did he hear twice that he lost to John Cena at Hell in a Cell. Maybe he lost because Seth curb stomped him on Monday night.

Randy says that he is still seeing stars and maybe he should re-enter Anger Management. Maybe the Authority didn’t handle it and that is why he is going to deal with it.

Orton attacks Rollins but he is pulled off Rollins.

Hunter tells Randy they are not doing this here or tonight. Hunter tells Randy to calm down.

Randy says that he will calm down when Rollins is dead.

Hunter tells Randy to calm down and shut up. They are not going to do this. Randy gets the night off. He tells Randy to get on his bus. Emotions are too high. Hell in a Cell is over . . .

Orton hits the RKO on Rollins.

Rollins is helped up by Mercury and Noble.

Oct 27, 2014
By Angela

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (with Mercury & Noble)
Ambrose came out first, tossed a bunch of chairs into the ring and then ascended to the top with a Singapore Cane. The crowd loved all this. Rollins refused to play into Ambrose’s hands and went right into the ring. Rollins finally said that if Ambrose wanted to start up there, he would go up there as well. Noble and Mercury tried to change his mind but Rollins said he tells them what to do. He started climbing up, then stopped and went back down and ordered Mercury and Noble to go up and get Ambrose. He said they work for him, which is probably news to WWE.

Mercury and Noble climbed up opposite sides of the Cell. Ambrose caned them down on top of the Cell and unloaded on them. Rollins scrambled up and attacked Ambrose and they began brawling in top of the cell. Mercury and Noble held Ambrose down as Rollins caned him over and over. The henchmen worked over Dean as Rollins tossed the cane down to the floor below. Rollins told them to toss Ambrose off the top to the floor but Dean broke free and nailed Noble with Dirty Deeds on the top of the cage. He wiped out Mercury and went after Rollins, who tried to scale down. Ambrose followed and they scaled down the same side at the same time. Ambrose caught him halfway down and they battled, slamming each other’s heads into the cage. They both fell off the side of the Cell, crashing through both announcing tables at the same time.

The officials checked on both men and called for stretchers. Rollins was placed on a backboard and put on one of the stretchers. They kept replaying the falls from every camera angle possible, promoting it as this insane fall. Michael Cole made sure to note the match never officially started. They started rolling Rollins out. They began rolling Ambrose out. The crowd chanted his name, which energized him and he broke free from his stretcher.

Oct 25, 2014
By Angela

The Authority’s golden boy, Mister Money In the Bank is featured on the official poster for WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view Survivor Series! Now the question remains, just what will Mr. Rollins be up to at the show? We shall see..

001 700x982 Seth featured on Official Survivor Series Poster

Oct 25, 2014
By Kaitlin

The most brutal night on the WWE calendar is almost here. The eyes of the WWE Universe are sure to be locked on Dallas as the ominous Hell in a Cell touches ground at the American Airlines Arena.

Fans are itching to see John Cena battle Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose finally get his hands on Seth Rollins inside the Cell, but there’s plenty more to be excited about at Hell in a Cell 2014. Stroll through and check out WWE.com’s predictions for the action-packed card.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match)

@JoeyStyles: The Lunatic Fringe of The Shield, Dean Ambrose couldn’t be any more comfortable inside a cell unless it was padded and located in the basement of an institution. The Architect of The Shield will see his future plans torn to shreds. With Randy Orton, Kane, Triple H and cronies Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble unable to get into the covered colossal cage, Ambrose will beat Rollins senseless before finally pinning him, just to add injury to insult. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

@HowardFinkel: Finally, Rollins has nowhere to run or hide. Advantage: Ambrose. The Cell is an unforgiving structure. Advantage: Ambrose. The unpredictability of Ambrose is custom-made for the Cell. Advantage: Ambrose. I am not selling Seth Rollins short by any means, as I believe that he’ll be on his “A” game. But Dean Ambrose will get the better grade at an A+, and emerge victorious. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Anthony Benigno: They call Hell in a Cell the place where rivalries are settled forever, but even this 20-foot tall, five-ton prison might not be sufficient enough to settle Dean Ambrose’s beef with Seth Rollins. Mr. Money in the Bank currently leads The Lunatic Fringe in victories. However, assuming he’s walking into a winnable situation inside the Cell might be overly bold of the former Architect. As a veteran of the death-match scene, Ambrose has more or less prepared his whole life for this kind of fight, against an opponent he hated just the right amount. Well guess what, buddy? To borrow a phrase from another Cell competitor, your time is now. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Oct 24, 2014
By Kaitlin

Seth appears on the TitanTron and he tells Ambrose that we need to get one thing perfectly clear. Dean does not tell him what to do. He does not call him out. Seth says that he tells Dean what to do and he calls him out. Later tonight, that is what he is going to do.

Since we are already talking about the past, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Remember how he spoon fed Dean those catchphrases? How could you believe in that? While they thought they were building something special, it was him all along setting up his special moment. Dean talks about vengeance like he won the lottery. Vengeance is cheap and it isn’t worth a damn, just like Dean.

Dean’s future ends at Hell in a Cell while his future truly begins when he disposes of Dean on Sunday. Then, when the time is right, he will cash in his Money in the Bank contract and solidify himself as the future of the WWE.

Dean paces in the ring while Seth laughs.

Dean says that Seth always had a way with words, but when the cell comes down, he cannot talk his way out of that. It might be his last matches or last night at Hell in a Cell, they will burn together. He says that Seth will perish alone.

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