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Nov 26, 2014
By Kaitlin

Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins, is Chris Jericho’s guest on this week’s episode of “Talk Is Jericho”. Rollins speaks about his days as Tyler Black at Ring of Honor, his NXT developmental deal with World Wrestling Entertainment, the creation of The Shield, his original finishing maneuver, “The Piece of Mind,” the development of his WWE name, “Seth Rollins,” his obsession with the wet hair look and what he really keeps in his “Money In The Bank” briefcase. You are in for a treat of a lifetime, so wait no future, listen to the one of the best podcasts out on the Internet now!

Nov 26, 2014
By Kaitlin

Click on the “Show”WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

Spoilers Inside Show

Nov 25, 2014
By Angela

Daniel says that it feels good to be in this ring tonight. Daniel says that having the ability to kick the Authority out of the ring felt good too. What about Team Authority? Daniel says that he has been put in charge of running Raw tonight. Daniel says that with the small amount of power that he has, he wants Team Authority to come out before you. Just because they lost last night doesn’t mean they are bad people. He brings out Team Authority.

They make their way to the stage. Daniel says he is not a spiteful person. He will not take titles away or put you in unfair matches. Seth Rollins . . . you are used to competing in handicap matches where you were always in those situations. Tonight will be no different. You will team with two other superstars to face John Cena and the man who single handedly defeated the Authority and changed the course of WWE history . . . Dolph Ziggler.

Cena and Dolph are always up for a challenge so it will be a three on two match. Seth wants to know if Daniel controls the microphones too because he is having trouble saying something. Seth says that whether you like it or not, he is still the future of this company. There is nothing you can do about that. He wants to know what the deal is. Who is he being teamed up with. Is it going to be Hornswoggle, El Torito, JBL, or Cole. Daniel says that he is not teaming Seth up with anybody, the WWE Universe is. The options are A) Mark Henry and Luke Harper. A strong team. B) Mark Henry and Kane. Another strong team. C) Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Seth does not like the option but Daniel tells him the show must go on. Seth goes to the back with Mercury and Noble.

Backstage: Seth Rollins is in the locker room and Jamie Noble says that it will be Shield 2.0. Seth says they don’t measure up to his other tag team partners. Dolph Ziggler enters and he says that Seth may not believe in Joey and Jamie, but he asked his 1.4 million twitter followers to vote for them.

Nov 24, 2014
By Kaitlin

Team Cena: Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, John Cena and Ryback vs. Team Authority: Kane, Luke Harper, Mark Henry, Rusev and Seth Rollins (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match)

We go to the ring and out comes Stephanie McMahon with Triple H. Kane is out first followed by Mark Henry for Team Authority. WWE Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper is out next. WWE United States Champion Rusev is out next with Lana. Seth Rollins is out last with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Dolph Ziggler is out to a big pop first for Team Cena. Big Show is out next followed by Erick Rowan, who has his own theme song. Ryback is out next followed by John Cena. Henry and Show start off. Triple H smacks Henry to hype him up. Henry runs his mouth but Show immediately knocks Henry out with a punch and pins him for a quick elimination. Rollins comes in and attacks Show. Show turns him around in the corner with a big chop. Rollins fights back and comes off the second rope but Show chops him out of mid-air. Kane comes in and Show takes him to the corner also. Cena tags in and takes over on Kane in the corner. Kane whips Cena into a corner but Cena knocks Kane down with a clothesline and a dropkick. Harper tags in and Cena tags in Rowan for a showdown. Rollins tags himself in before the former partners can go at it. Rowan unloads on Rollins now. Rowan with a big scoop slam. Rowan with more offense in the corner before tagging Ryback in. Ryback goes at it on Rollins and rams him into two corners. Ryback lifts Rollins high but he slides out. Rollins gets backdropped. Harper tags in and Ryback drops him also. Ryback with a vertical suplex on Harper. Kane tags in and goes at it with Ryback now. Ryback with a Thesz Press. Ryback slams Kane’s head into the mat and splashes him for 2.

Rusev tags in and has words with Ryback. They trade shots and go at it. Rusev beats Ryback down but runs into a huge spinebuster. Ryback nails the Meathook clothesline and goes for Shellshocked. Rusev slides out as Kane runs in. Rusev shoves Ryback into a big boot from Kane. Everyone gets involved now. They brawl out of the ring. Rollins runs in and nails a Curb Stomp on Ryback while the referee isn’t looking. Rusev with a big kick to Ryback’s face for the pin. Ryback is eliminated.

Big Show and Rusev are in now. Rusev takes show to the corner and works him over. Rusev charges but runs into a huge boot. Rusev avoids a chokeslam and tags in Harper. Show takes Harper to the corner and splashes him. Show comes back but Harper dropkicks him. Rollins tags back in and keeps Show down with boots to the face. 2 count by Rollins. Kane tags back in and double teams Show with Rollins. Kane stomps away and dropkicks Show low for a 2 count. Harper comes in and does the Gator Roll on Harper. Ziggler finally gets a tag and unloads on Harper. Harper catches him with a sideslam out of nowhere for 2. Rollins gets some shots in and then Rusev tags in to keep control on Ziggler. Kane tags in and decks Ziggler while Rusev holds him. Kane with a splash and a sidewalk slam on Ziggler for 2. Kane keeps control with a big boot for another 2 count. Harper comes in and drops Ziggler with a right hand for 2. Rusev comes in and keeps up the attack on Ziggler. Rollins tags in as Cena cheers on Ziggler. Rollins drops Ziggler with a big right hand as Stephanie yells from ringside.

Nov 22, 2014
By Kaitlin

Just days before their Survivor Series Elimination Match against Team Cena, Team Authority leave the SmackDown arena with a big upper hand.

Nov 22, 2014
By Kaitlin

WWE.com polled five different WWE staff to give their predictions for every match that will take place at WWE Survivor Series on Sunday. Here is the prediction outcomes for Team Cena vs. Team Authority, and we must say that the predicted outcomes for Team Authority are not looking in their favor.

@JoeyStyles: These types of matches are almost impossible to predict, because we are not tasked with picking an entire winning team, but anywhere from one to five survivors of the winning team. That being said, I am going to start by predicting the winning team because of the high stakes of the match. The survivors of the match will be on Team Cena , meaning The Authority will no longer be in power. As for which Team Cena members survive, I’m going with Dolph Ziggler and Ryback, only to see The Big Guy then Shellshock The Showoff, because he’s just not a team player, unless that team is Team Ryback. WINNER: Team Cena

@HowardFinkel: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have assembled an impressive and in-sync array of talent, as the team members all seem to have each other’s backs. On the other side, I feel that the paint is still wet with Team Cena and might not be dry by this Sunday. Will Ryback revert back to being his own man? Can Erick Rowan be trusted? And how healthy are Dolph Ziggler and Big Show following Raw? I also wonder how cohesive a team they will be, because to me, Cena had to do more than his fair share of convincing to get folks to join with him. It’s all or nothing for The Authority, and I believe they will prevail in this traditional Survivor Series contest! WINNER: Team Authority

Bill Apter: Team captain John Cena’s motto is “Never give up,” and his teammates certainly share his goal of totally demolishing Team Authority, which undoubtedly will spur on Cena and his fighting allies to ultimate victory. I do caution that Team Authority could pull out a surprise win if Ryback, who I don’t trust at all, decides to align himself with Team Authority during a critical point in the match. WINNER: Team Cena

Scott Taylor: Where there’s a will, John Cena finds a way. The stakes have never been higher for a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, and I think we are looking at two of the strongest Survivor Series teams ever assembled. But for me, the X-factor is the Cenation leader, who has made a career out of winning big matches. The Authority’s time is up … even if they can’t see it yet. WINNER: Team Cena

Zach Linder: John Cena’s road to Survivor Series has been — to say the least — a bumpy one. Until late Monday night, Cena didn’t even have a complete quintet. With the additions of Ryback and Erick Rowan on Raw, not to mention Triple H being left in a heap wearing a rumpled button-down, Cena seems to finally have the momentum he needs. But one night does not a team make. The Authority has curated a cadre that oozes power. They can’t lose. Their livelihoods are on the line. My money’s on the bad guys. WINNER: Team Authority

Team Cena: 3, Team Authority: 2

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