Life & Career Facts



Full Name:
Colby Lopez

Known as:
– Seth Rollins (WWE/FCW)
– Taj the Destroyer
– Gixx (SCW)

Date of Birth:
May 28th, 1986

City of Birth:
Davenport, Iowa

Marital Status:
In a relationship.

Eyes Color:

Natural Hair Color:

Current Height:
6 foot & 1 inches

Current Weight:
209 lbs

Number of Tattoo’s:

Tattoo Locations:
(1) Back
(1) Left Wrist


Most Distinctive Trait:
His hair. With his unique hair color of brown and half blonde, the fans have dubbed it “Rollinizing” their hair when creating the two shaded style themselves.


Professional Wrestler

Professional Debut:

Current Employer:
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

WWE Debut:
November 2012

Finishing Move(s):
As Seth Rollins:
– Avada Kedavra
(Superkick, usually to a kneeling opponent)
– Blackout
(Running pushing stomp to the opponent’s back or back of the head of a bent over opponent)
– Skywalker
(Standing shiranui)

As Tyler Black:
– God’s Last Gift / Small Package Driver
(Fisherman DDT followed into a small package, sometimes from the top rope)
– Paroxysm
(Swinging lifting inverted DDT)
– Phoenix splash
– Superkick
(Sometimes preceded by a turnbuckle powerbomb)

Signature Moves:
As Seth Rollins:
– Corner forearm smash
– Multiple kick variations
—- Back
—- Drop / Running single leg drop
—- Enzuigiri
—- Legsweep
– Reverse STO into the turnbuckles
– Springboard knee strike
– Suicide dive
– Turnbuckle powerbomb

As Tyler Black:
– Belly to back suplex lifted & twisted into reverse STO
– Diving splash
– Fireman’s carry facebuster
– Inverted hurricanrana
– Multiple kick variations
—- Big boot
—- Drop
—- Jumping corkscrew roundhouse
– Running shooting star press
– Springboard clothesline
– Standing moonsault

Trained by:
Danny Daniels

Career Highlights:
Absolute Intense Wrestling
– AIW Intense Division Championship (1)

– All American Wrestling
– AAW Heavyweight Championship (2)
– AAW Tag Team Championship (2)

Florida Championship Wrestling / NXT Wrestling
– NXT Championship (1)
– FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship (1)
– FCW 15 Championship (1)
– Florida Tag Team Championship (1)
– FCW Triple Crown (1)
– Jack Brisco Classic Tournament (2011)
– Gold Rush Tournament (2012)

Full Impact Pro
– FIP World Heavyweight Championship (1)

Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
– IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Championship (1)

Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling
– MCPW World Heavyweight Championship (1)

NWA Midwest
– NWA Midwest Tag Team Championship (1)

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
– PWG World Tag Team Championship (1)

Ring of Honor
– ROH World Championship (1)
– ROH World Tag Team Championship (2)
– Survival of the Fittest (2009)

Scott County Wrestling
– SCW Heavyweight Championship (1)

Pro Wrestling Illustrated
– PWI ranked him #17 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2009

Former Associates:
– Lacey
– Rain
– Allison Wonderland
– Mr. Milo Beasley

Most Memorable Feuds:

Career Changing Matches:

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