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Aug 27, 2015
Carol -

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Seth says last Monday night was supposed to be the greatest night of his life. A statue with his likeness was created in honor and recognition of the greatness that he has achieved in his career. It was set to be unveiled in front of the entire WWE Universe. It was supposed to be a moment in time that would last forever. A moment that would take him from legendary status and move him into immortality.

Seth says he understands that none of you have any idea what greatness is all about. He will explain who he is. He is the first man ever to cash in his Money in the Bank contract in the main event of Wrestlemania and walk out the WWE Champion. He is the first man in the history of WWE . . . every single legend you can think of has never achieved what he achieved when he defeated John Cena. He is the first man to be the WWE Champion and United States Champion at the same time.

That deserves more than a statue. He deserves to have a parade in every town he goes to. Hollywood should make a movie about him. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Channing Tatum would fight to play him in the movie.

August 23rd, the day he changed the landscape of the WWE forever when he beat John Cena should be made a national holiday. We were set to unveil his statue. He joined the elite of the elite on Raw. They were taking him to immortality. He joined Bruno, Andre, and the Ultimate Warrior. It was going to be the greatest night of his life, but instead . . . this happened.

We see the footage of Sting in a box from Raw.

Seth tells Sting he understands why you would be jealous of him. Everybody is jealous of Seth Rollins. Seth says he has accomplished in a few short years than Sting has in his entire career. Seth says he sits atop of the mountain of the WWE while you toiled around in the minor leagues for years. Seth says he gets it. He gets why Sting would be jealous of him.

Seth says what he does not understand what gives you the right to ruin his moment. To stand in his ring. To assault him without provocation. To take his title and hold it above your head like he owes you a damn thing. Do you think I am afraid of Sting? Is he afraid of a freak who walks around in face paint and carries a baseball bat?

You should be afraid of him. Hunter says the biggest regret that he has is that he did not finish you off at Wrestlemania. Seth says he demanded this match and he gets what he wanted. You will get your chance to enter the realm of the immortals. It will be the architect against the artifact Sting. Seth says he guarantees that he will defeat Sting, but he will also finish the job that Triple H started at Wrestlemania when he crushes your bones into dust.

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